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Marketing Power Hour

Are you struggling with getting your marketing funnel set up?

Perhaps you’re having trouble figuring out what tools to use.

Or maybe, you don’t know how to create a landing page.

It could be that you’re  stuck with creating an email sequence.

Whatever the problem, if it relates to marketing, funnels and generating more leads, I can help.

Book a power hour with me and I can help you create a step by step plan of action for putting your marketing ideas into action. 

Cost $395

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Liz Van Vliet My EA Career
Wendy’s trained me to use marketing automation tools. Within a few months, I grew my email list by 60%. I especially enjoyed Wendy’s in-depth knowledge and natural training style. I recommend her to anyone who needs a consistent and repeatable audience growth strategy and those who think they would benefit from marketing mentoring.
Liz Van Vliet
Katrina Alolivic Headsho
"Wendy provided a step by step structure and made me feel supported. I've taken more action than I did in two years of fumbling trying to learn online marketing. I now have renewed confidence that I can achieve the marketing goals I have set myself.
Katrina Alilovic
Consulting Psychologist
I knew I needed help in targeting my ideal client more effectively. Wendy stepped me through the process and I now have an online marketing campaign that is ready to go.
Maureen Callister
Wellness Coach
I wanted to understand the steps to set up an effective sales funnel. Wendy showed me how to use my existing content to create lead magnets. I now feel confident to put my marketing strategy into action
Jane Jackson
Career Coach

Ready For an Hour of Power?

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